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Nuru massage is a rather rare term, little known to those who have never resorted to the services of massage therapists. On the other hand, Nuru massage is widely known among those who regularly visit massage parlors and salons. Let’s consider the Nuru massage in more detail.

Nuru massage is one of the types of massages, during which there is a very close contact between the masseuse and her partner. In order to achieve such close contact, the partners completely undress before the massage session.

The idea of ​​this massage is that a masseuse massages her partner’s body by using her own body. Actually, the entire massage process is as follows: the body of the masseuse slides on the surface of the body of her partner. Thus, partners come into close contact, due to which the massage becomes very effective.

To improve the sliding of the bodies, before each massage session both partners cover the skins of their bodies with a thin layer of the special Nuru gel designed for this type of massage.

Nuru massage is considered very active, despite its relaxing functions. Taking into account such close contact between the partners, Nuru massage is usually referred to the group of erotic massages, although in reality the partners do not have sexual intercourse, because the Nuru massage has other goals.

During the massage session, both partners experience pleasure, primarily due to a great number of unusual pleasant sensations that arise during close contact of two naked bodies.


Despite its relatively high cost, Nuru massage service is in high demand throughout the United States, including New York City. This fact can be easily explained by its high efficiency.

In the city of New York, there are a great number of small and large massage parlors and salons that are always glad to offer their customers Nuru massage service.

Of course, price for this type of massage and quality of the services provided by a salon greatly vary depending on many factors including the company staff, experience and skills level of masseuses, additional services and so forth.

Today in New York City, NY there are many fans of Nuru massage. These people not only visit massage parlors, but also open and join numerous online groups where they exchange their own experience, knowledge, and feelings, and also find new like-minded people.

Among erotic massages, Nuru traditionally leads not only in the city of New York, but also in the United States. One of the reasons for its popularity is its high effectiveness. Another crucial reason is the prohibition of Nuru massage at the legislative level in some other countries.


Located in New York, our parlor is one of the massage centers, which specializes in Nuru massage service. The key feature of our parlor is high quality services provided. Our Nuru massage price list is completely correlated with the quality of the services.

An important attribute of Nuru massage is the presence of experienced masseuses. Our center offers many beautifulsexy, and slender girls, among whom you can choose the most suitable for you.

Well versed in the nuances of Nuru massage technique, our masseuses will help you completely relax and get the most possible pleasure during your massage sessions.

Gently touching the skin of your body, the working hands of the masseuses make your muscles relax. Thus, the massage has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system of your body, relieving stress and stress-related conditions.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, the pleasure, sweet tender sensations experienced by both partners during the massage, double the positive effect of Nuru sessions.

Based on a special lubricant, Nuru gel, Nuru is considered a body-to-body massage, in the process of which the masseuse massages the nude body of her partner using her own nude body. Besides, the masseuse can masturbate her client’s penis at the same time.



Gently touching the naked body of her client with her hands or body, the massage therapist performs a massage session, giving pleasure to the client, relaxing both his nervous and muscular system.


At the request of the client, our masseuses are ready to masturbate the client’s penis. As you know, masturbation has a beneficial effect on the human body and prevents prostate cancer. In addition to medical benefits, you also double your own pleasure.

Ordering some Nuru massage sessions at our parlor you are certain to get all the necessary things to successfully carry out Nuru, including Nuru gel, security, a free room, as well as attractive and experienced masseuses.


We are sure that you will be satisfied with the service provided at our massage center. We are looking forward to your call.

Nuru massage NYC

Nuru massage is a young Japanese massage that has gained great popularity in recent decades not only in Japan and Asia, but also in Europe and North America due to its high effectiveness, a lot of beneficial properties and extraordinaryness.

Nuru massage is based on the body contact of the naked body of the masseuse with the naked body of her partner. This body contact relieves stress, relaxes the body and mind, and gives both partners a lot of pleasant sensations. Both partners are immersed in the world of unforgettable pleasure.

Our massage salon in NYC offers high quality massage to all New Yorkers at affordable prices. Contact our managers and discuss the details of the upcoming Nuru massage session as soon as possible! Try to change your life for the better right now with a high quality Nuru massage from our massage salon!

Outcall massage

The healing properties of massages have been known for a long time. Today, all over the world, massages are in high demand both as an effective complementary or main therapeutic method, and as a preventive measure, with the help of which people can strengthen or restore their health.

Another important advantage of massages is the pleasure that clients get during massage sessions. Thus, massages are used today not only for their effective therapeutic and prophylactic properties, but also as a great way to have pleasure, experience new sensations, diversify your own ordinary life, and discover something new and interesting for yourself.

Currently, massage services can be ordered not only in massage salons, but also at home. This type of service allows the client to save time and effort. In addition, home massage is considered to be more effective, but more expensive and technically difficult.

Manhattan outcall massage

Are you short on time and unable to visit massage salons in the City of New York? The nearest massage salons in Manhattan are located too far from your home and you don’t want to waste your time traveling around the city? Do you find your home environment more comfortable for massage treatments?

A call to our massage salon is certain to help you solve all these problems! We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just give us a call and our beautiful slender masseuses are certain to come to your home and do any type of massage you please!

We value our time and yours! The quality of our massage does not suffer if our massage services are provided to you right in your apartment or house in the City of New York no matter which part of the city you live in. Our outcall massage is something you may need!

Why choose our massage salon in the City of New York?

  1. We have a lot of massage experience.
  2. The quality of massage services is our priority.
  3. We provide a wide range of different massages, including erotic ones.
  4. We have reasonable prices for our massage services.
  5. Our massage salons are located in different parts of New York (including Manhattan) and are always easily available to all our clients.
  6. We provide our regular customers with substantial discounts on our massage services.
  7. We have a wide selection of qualified, young, beautiful and slender masseuses.
  8. All the necessary massage accessories are always at hand.
  9. We work 7 days a week.
  10. We provide massage services both in our salons and outside them.

We have been successfully providing massage services for many years. Over the years, we have developed our own scheme of working with clients, based on the maximum consideration of the requirements, tastes and wishes of our clients.

Choose the best New York massage salon ever!

Do you need a quality massage? You just need to make one phone call to us! New York Massage Outcall is your key to a high-quality massage! Call us and our best masseuses are certain to come to your home and give you a high quality massage! Isn’t that what you need?

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Nuru massage rate (price)

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates

NURU 4 Hands

incall: 30 mins — $400

incall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 60 min — $800

outcall: 90 min — $1200

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


60 min — $300

90 min — $500

120 min — $700


We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.



Good massage parlors.

Erotic massage Nuru came to us from Japan. Only the upper strata of society could enjoy this magnificent massage. About how to do it specially trained young concubines.

Discovering all the secrets not only of massage, but also an unusual composition of the gel which greased all of your body, so that the body of the young nuru girls became slippery and looked like a peach. Priestesses of love have been fully trained in massage for a long time, and reaching all knowledge were allowed to the massage itself.

Nowadays Nuru massage NYC is done in many salons, but only here you can truly experience all the charms of this technology.

In the first salon Nuru massage appeared in Manhattan, it was an ordinary apartment where he was doing. Since then everything has changed.

Nuru massage has become the most popular kind of all kinds of massage. It is used in all countries of the world, but not many know its rules. We specifically studied and learned his secrets. Girls who have gone to school Nuru massage in Japan and Tibet do it right, not at the expense of your health.

Nuru massage in Manhattan

Nuru massage in Manhattan

Good massage parlors.

Manhattan is a wonderful area of New York, there are so many attractions for tourists and for the locals. Most people working and living here, get tired of everyday life and want to visit and relax in Nuru’s massage studio. But not everyone knows where to go.

Our site will help you with this. We work all over New York, including Manhattan and do Nuru massage the best. Reliable and confidential. Girls will give you several hours of love and affection without crossing boundaries.

Method of Nuru massage in Brooklyn.

Method of Nuru massage in Brooklyn.

Good massage parlors.

Massage Nuru, unlike other groupof erotic massage, differs not only in the gel that is used, but also in the actions themselves. The girl is naked and touches you with her sky-clad body. Beautiful and elegant, like a little snake, it twists and caresses your body. Touching all parts of a person makes you forget yourself and enjoy only the moment of this action.

Close your eyes and fantasize what incredible feelingyou feel her breasts are fine that touch you, her young body will make you tremble from those emotions and feelings that you will feel.

And this gel on her body will make your emotions more powerful from our studio in Brooklyn.

Nuru massage in the city center? Where is it done?

Nuru massage ny — Where is it done?

Good massage parlors.

Massage Nuru in the city center is also performed professionally and qualitatively, as in other cities of New York. We have salons in all areas and provide all types of massage, including the best Nuru massage. Masseuses like this kind of massage for its unusual reproduction. Thanks to this massage you feel the body of a beautiful woman, enjoy her body. The gel that they use is very pleasant. You just need to call or write to us on the site and we will give you all the addresses of our Nuru salons in Midtown.

Massage in Queens? Realy?

Massage in Queens.

Good massage parlors.

Nuru massage in Queens Now you can find with difficulty, but if you contact us, we can help you in this.

Our Nuru Salon can help you find any showroom in New York, NJ, Manhattan, Midtown, you just need to call or write to us and we’ll tell you the addresses of our salons where Nuru massage is done according to the ancient Japanese rules. You do not run into scammers who will spoil your health.

With us you will have a guarantee not only for the fact that you get a quality and correct Nura massage, but also you can be sure of the health of all the girls who work with us!

But luckily our salon of erotic massage in New York has this program in its menu and is happy to share precious knowledge with you dear customers!

We have everything for high-quality recreation of the soul and body: baths, sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi, comfortable rooms for rest, and, of course, the sexiest and most attractive girls! Have not yet decided where to rest, celebrate a stag or birthday — welcome to us in the magical world of erotic pleasures and sexual fantasies!

More detailed information you can easily find on our official website: sauna photo, sauna price, provided services!

We are not a Nuru massage studio where sex is provided. We are real

Nuru salon, we do only massage and do not provide sex services.

How do Nuru massage? Where does it begin and what do they do?

In different parts of New York it is done differently, for example in
Nuru massage Midtown do not only use the gel, but also use simple oils that the man chooses himself.

Just select a massage gel. You will be served by the upper class.

Why is Nuru massage considered one of the most useful?

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We should list the main features of Nuru massage in order to correctly answer the above question. What are the most crucial features of Nuru massage?

— Nuru massage involves close contact of two naked bodies; this fact increases the effectiveness of the massage in general.

— Both partners save a considerable amount of their time by reducing the time spent on their massage sessions.

— Unlike other types of massages, Nuru massage techniques have a positive effect on the entire body, and not just on some individual parts or points of the human body.

— Unlike other sensual massages, Nuru affect both the human body and mind; moreover, relaxing the human body is the primary task of the Nuru massage.

— The massage is widely used not only to treat a number of diseases, but also as an effective preventive measure in medicine.

— As you know, Nuru massage is not only a great opportunity to relax and relieve stress, but also to enjoy massage sessions.

— This type of massage requires additional accessories, including aromatic oils and a special lubricant, Nuru gel.

— This massage is considered fairly expensive because of the features listed above.

Nuru massage in New Jersey.

Nuru massage in New Jersey.

Good massage parlors.

A winsome masseuse girl is happy to give you not only tactile impression, but also fill you with her inexhaustible sexual energy and positive mood. In New Jersey, it’s not a secret for anyone that without even resorting to sexual pervasion, one can get much more deepand impressive sensations. A unique program NURU — massage in New Jersey will allow you to explore this ancient art!

After a session of erotic massage Nuru you immediately feel a huge surge of strength, both physical and spiritual. Your misted mind will receive an absolute purification.

You can not control your emotions and feelings when a woman’s body, like a dangerous snake, wraps around your waist: warm gentle hands alternate with the coolness of her breasts, then again you feel the heat, but this time her hot thigh!

In New Jersey, it’s no secret to anyone that without even resorting to sexual penetration, you can get a lot more sensations. Amazing NURU program — massage in New Jersey will allow you to learn this ancient art!

After a session of erotic massage Nuru you immediately feel a good surge of energy. And your tired and exhausted body will again work like a new one.

It will be very difficult for you to restrain your emotions and feelings when the woman’s body, like a dangerous snake, envelops your body: warm skillful hands alternate with the coolness of her breasts, then again you feel the heat, but this time her Hot Hips!

Since the erotic massage Nuru only begins to please the dear guests, of course, the elite salons of erotic massage Nuru in New Jersey, providing such services, you can literally put it on your fingers.


Failed to find the massage salon that may make your dreams of the perfect erotic massage come true? Visit our massage salon in New York and try Nuru right now!


Manhattan address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Downtown address

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

Midtown address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

Uptown address

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Brooklyn address

12 gelston ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

New Jersey address

2090 route 27 north , Lincoln Hwy , Edison NJ 088117

New Jersey

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    Nuru Massage it ART

    What do you think, what does Nuru massage look like?

    On sexual prelude? On the passionate embrace of two beloved? Or a ritual dance from the immediate vicinity of the guest right from the body? Let us tell you a secret: for Nuru massage there are many epithets, and most of them will be absolutely accurate. The only thing — to call this kind of erotic massage a prelude would be correct. First of all, because there will not be a direct penetration here, and we assure you that it will not be necessary! Nuru massage itself is incredibly exciting and sensual massage and will bring you to complete relaxation.

    The Nuru massage session will heat your passion up to extreme temperatures, and the longer the caresses last, the more inevitable and brighter the relaxation. Naturally, in a fit of passion you will certainly have a desire to gently stroke the girl on the contour of her body, and she will not resist such gratitude! After the discharge, you will need some time to rest and recover, and while you are restoring your strength, our angel girl, who has brought you unearthly bliss, will gently stroke you.

    Our nuru massage salon in New York

    Nuru massage service in our massage salon in New York City

    If you are looking for pleasant unforgettable sensations, then Nuru massage is what you may need! However the quality of Nuru massage service greatly differs depending on the massage salon or parlor you decide to visit.

    If you are really looking to get Nuru massage service of high-quality, then contact our salon that has been providing erotic massages including Nuru for a long time.

    A great number of slender and attractive girls who have been working in our massage salon for so long are bound to be able to give you what you are now dreaming of.

    Extensive experience and relevant knowledge of many massage techniques, including Nuru allow our masseuses to do their work at the highest level.

    Thanks to our expensive experience, we know all nuances of many erotic massages including Nuru. Our salon is currently one of the leading ones in the New York City market.

    Nuru massage is typically considered a fairly expensive thing. In our massage salon, you can book Nuru at affordable price. Our prices make Nuru accessible to all New Yorkers!

    Are you unsure that our salon can provide you with the Nuru massage of the highest quality? Then read our feedback – opinions of real customers who have already tried this amazing and useful massage. Most of them are our regular visitors!

    All our salons are easily accessible to our customers thanks to their convenient location in various areas of the city of New York. If you have a number of questions to ask us, contact our managers as soon as possible and get comprehensive answers to all your questions.

    Besides, you can use this website as a good place to get additional useful and interesting information about our salon, girls, massage types we provide, prices and more!

    If you are looking to completely relax and make your body and soul healthy, don’t hesitate to contact us right now and book this brilliant massage Nuru! With us, you are sure to forget about your concerns and become happy!

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